Leeds Investment & Trading Group actively manages a ~$370,000 portfolio of equities

Members of the LITG Investment Team make buy and sell recommendations semester-by-semester, guided by the LITG Advisory Board: a consortium of finance professionals with decades of experience.

About the Fund

  • The Fund aims to pursue risk-adjusted returns that beat the S&P 500 while preserving capital, observing proper risk management, and performing thorough due diligence on securities placed in the portfolio. Our due diligence process evaluates potential investments based on criteria decided upon by the students, faculty, oversight committee, while including the concepts, processes and methods taught in the LITG Analyst Program.

  • To carry out the investment philosophy, the Investment Team focuses on risk in its various forms including business risk, balance sheet analysis, effectiveness of management, threat of obsolescence; valuation risk: avoiding multiples not reflective of business strength/longevity, focused on companies with robust and reasonable financials relative to the current market condition; and aggregation risk: the avoidance of a portfolio with highly correlated business risks, and overall focusing on a well-diversified, well-rounded portfolio that reflects good investments. Annually, 4% of the portfolio is withdrawn to fund scholarships from the Burridge Center for Finance, which will be made available to the LITG Analyst Program and Investment Team.

  • We are incredibly excited to be able to offer this opportunity to the students at CU Boulder! To join the Investment Team and participate in the decision-making process of our portfolio, you must complete the Analyst Program. To learn more about the Analyst Program, click here

  • During the Spring of 2021, the LITG Investment Team started managing the portfolio with ~$280,000 of securities and cash and has grown the portfolio to ~$370,000. LITG works to actively direct the buying and selling of securities in collaboration with the Burridge Center for Finance, Leeds, and involved donors.