Spring 2023 Analyst Program Class

The Analyst Program is the prerequisite course students must complete to join the LITG Investment Team and contribute to investment decisions in our portfolio.

Dating back to 2016, LITG’s goal has been to lead a student-run equity portfolio to round out the suite of offerings to its membership. With this portfolio, the need arose for a course to teach our members about investment techniques, which led to the creation of the Analyst Program. The Analyst Program is continuously updated by the Executive Officers and offers a modular, dynamic structure with a focus on real-world applications.

Course Concepts

There are 9 weeks to the course, and units/topics include accounting, DCF valuation, comparable companies valuation, current events analysis, financial statement analysis, data platforms, including Bloomberg and CapitalIQ, portfolio theory and management, and derivative securities. At the end of the course, there is a capstone stock pitch given by a few groups within the Analyst Program.

Application Process

Applications will be open for any interested freshman and sophomore students (if you do not meet these qualifications and are still interested, reach out!). After a student has applied, they will undergo an interview process with the Executive Officers and will be admitted upon acceptance. Meetings for the Program (Wednesdays 6-7/7:30PM) are separate from the regular LITG meetings (Wednesdays 5-6PM). The analyst program will be conducted in Fall 2023, concluding the week before finals week.

Applications for the Fall 2023 Analyst Program are now Open! Apply here

Goals of the Analyst Program

  1. Serve as a prerequisite to joining the LITG Investment Team to prove aptitude in financial concepts

  2. Show Leeds, the Burridge Center, Donors, and Faculty that the students involved are the highest caliber students in the organization

  3. Student advancement:

    1. Teach equity valuation from the bottom-up using industry standard methods

    2. Prime them for the Leeds Finance and Accounting Curriculum

    3. Provide an advantage among their peers in the Leeds Community

    4. Promote experiences that can be leveraged in future job interviews

Analyst Program One-Pager

We have created a one-page overview document that lays out the major details of the LITG Analyst Program. You can download and view it here.